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Christiana de la Vega Dykman

Desire drove away any other thoughts from men and boys, 13 to 80, just minutes after meeting Christiana de la Vega. Strangers first noted the combination of her English aristocracy skin, black but silken hair, and voluptuous figure.
Then they heard Christiana's soft voice, tinged with an infectious, come-hither tone. Most were quickly drawn into whatever she was doing, often irreverent activities sure to upset someone. Defying the laws of heredity, her green eyes penetrated the innermost secrets of those around her. Thus earning her the title of Green Goddess amongst her contemporaries. Finally, her face wore such a web of concentration, whether talking with a family member or stranger, to create a cone of isolation, excluding others who happened to be nearby.
By agreement of all men in pre-World War II Venezuelan society, her wealth and social position made her that city's most eligible heiress. Yet each of that city's social elite mothers feared the day her son presented Christiana as his betrothed.
Christiana was often described as a devil temptress in a dress during her liquor-soaked evenings with the city's young elites that often ran into the daylight hours. But all her companions agreed they would go to hell to take the garment off. Among the city's wealthy young scions were many suitors willing to risk their mothers' disapproval by wooing the heiress, even in desperation, promising marriage.

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